Furnishing a day care room

The team of Greensoft Ltd., together with the young people of And Systems Ltd., developed and successfully delivered the possibility of donating through LandMN.

The opening ceremony of LandMN’s donation platform

The signing of a memorandum Chinese Thailand Phone Number List of cooperation with NGOs for good deeds were held at LandMN’s building. First, it was possible to donate directly to the following 4 NGOs.

Central Children’s Sanatorium

Special Database

Lucky Paws – Even animals have a right to sunset
Project Magic Land 2 – Playground
Tree planting CU Lists campaign – Clean air for all
Go to the DONATION menu of your LandMN application and choose from the 4 projects that we currently have and send your desired donation.

We are very happy to be part of a large and bright working group that opens up the opportunity for everyone to contribute to the welfare of society with the help of technology, together with the youth of LendMN and Andsystems.

Anyone who wants to make a positive difference in their community can donate to social projects through the LandMN app.

Your small donation is the beginning of a big happiness
Download LandMN application: http://bit.ly/2XXdzm5

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