Create a new Gmail email account

With a Google account, you can access Google networks such as Gmail, Google+, and YouTube with a single username and password. By creating a Google account, the user can log in to any Google network with a username and password.

To open a Google account, click on the following link Create your Google Account

Type in your web browser. Then you can click Chinese Australia Phone Number List on the “create a new account” or open a new account or click on the Gmail Signup option directly.
Fill in one by one starting from the left, choose a username and password, and enter the necessary personal information such as your surname, date of birth, gender, and location.
Enter the captcha code or the code in the picture, click “Next Step” and proceed to the next step. If all the information is filled correctly, your Gmail account will be created successfully.
Name: Write your last name and first name in this field. This way, your name will appear when you sign in to Google Plus (Google’s social network) and YouTube.


Username: Username is not selected and can be selected individually. You need to know your username and password to login to Gmail. Your email address: [email protected]

Password: Choose a password that is easy to remember and difficult for others to find. For security reasons, we recommend that you include uppercase letters and numbers in your password. As a reminder, you need to remember your password to log in to Gmail.


Confirm Password: Re-enter the password you entered in the “password” field

Special Database

Birthday: You must be 13 years old to open a Gmail account and enter your birthday in month, day, and year order.

Gender: You choose CU Lists your gender. Male or female

Mobile Phone: Enter your mobile phone number. Because if Google tries to hack your account or access it from an unknown location, you will be contacted by that number. And if you forget your password, Google will send your Gmail password or username to your phone via text message.

Current Email Address: If you have another email address, enter it here. It will give you a second chance or use it to recover forgotten passwords and usernames.

Prove that you’re not a robot: Enter the numbers and letters shown in the picture. This will prevent Google from creating fake accounts and spam.

Location: Choose your country of residence.

Finally, accept or enable Google’s Terms & Conditions as well as their Privacy Policy or Google’s terms of service and security.

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