The importance of

The importance of  These spaces have some correspondences with each other and share a common structure in a more generic space. The combin space instead provides a partial mapping of the concepts and structure of the two input spaces to provide a new structure that shows properties not possess by either of the input spaces. In this case the two inputs are the human body and clothes which in our daily reality live in the same space, but in the digital world they come from two different digital data and not naturally communicating with each other.

The mirror in blend

Reality consists of a screen position behind seo expate bd the mirror with projectors that illuminate the objects plac in front of the mirror and a hidden camera capable of scanning the environment and thus generating a virtual model. Rumors claim that Amazon has no plans to use the technology anytime soon because it nes to be perfect. In fact , this new technology would integrate well with the Prime Wardrobe service which is also in the testing phase. This service would allow you to choose three or more items from the over one million items on the Amazon site.

These garments arrive

At home and can be tri on comfortably, with CU Lists six days to decide if that jacket or t-shirt is really worth buying. If you decide to buy the products, your crit card will be charg even with a % discount if you decide to keep three or four items and % for five or more. With this blend reality mirror , Amazon will be able to continue its expansion in the clothing sector where it is launching an ever-increasing number of its own brands. Furthermore, Amazon’s mirror is the natural complement to Body Labs, the D scanning platform bought in October for $ million and which uses artificial intelligence and virtual modeling to create life-size consumer avatars.

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