passwords disappear in the near future

On March 4, W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) and FIDO Alliance (an association of manufacturers and software companies established to improve user identification and passwords) jointly approved the WebAuthn standard. Simply put, this is the ability for a user to log into any system using another form of Authentication or electronic device software (such as a USB stick) without using a password. For example, tokens used for bank transactions.

This technology may not seem new to you

But we see it as a huge turning point in Chinese UK Phone Number List the website market from the consumer side. According to VERIZON research, 81% of all cyber attacks and data loss attempts are based on bad passwords or passwords.

By using Webauthn technology

Special Database

Users use physical, non-physical, and biometric identification methods instead of passwords, and the system identifies the end CU Lists user more accurately, as well as closing the risk of password loss. Most importantly, the adoption of this standard makes it possible to officially implement these solutions in Web browsers. Currently, browsers that support the Webauthn standard include Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Apple Safari, and are available on Windows 10 and Android operating systems.

Very soon, you will enter only your USERNAME in the login window and then log in to all the sites where you usually log in to check your email using your USB, wallet, fingerprint, face… other types of identification tools.

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