Volunteering at the Justo Gallego Cathedral

Volunteering at the Justo Gallego Cathedral. On May 26, 2012 we were with the group of Volunteers from 1 Kilo of Aid for Education helping Justo Gallego build his dream. We did our bit to make this example of perseverance and effort come true. An unforgettable day that Fernand and I thoroughly enjoyed, and so did the students. Some time ago we had the opportunity to learn about Justo Gallego ‘s story and we were impressed with his great spirit of work and conviction in his dreams.

Social Networks and Justo Gallego

Social Networks and Justo Gallego. In addition to being a great example of life to follow and allowing us to join his dream for a few hours. Therefore, it has given us the opportunity to put into email contact list practice actions learned. Therefore, the Community Manager course and make it visible in the Social Media world . Thanks to this we managed to get many people to meet him and beyond that, to volunteer to  collaborate and help Justo . The previous week we started an online campaign and the students spread the day on social networks. Therefore, also leaving us with some very funny creativity.

As always

As always, Justo talked a lot with us and we had an entertaining table with his stories. Then we continue working because yes, we work hard. It was a great experience for all of us as we were able to share other types of experiences and be part of something big. It is well said that a CU Lists picture is worth a thousand words, we invite you to get to know Justo through the following video that summarizes the super Saturday we spent in Mejorada del Campo.

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