100 leading women in Online Marketing and Personal Branding

100 leading women in Online Marketing and Personal Branding. Today, March 8, Women’s Day , we have selected 100 women who are references and specialists in Online Marketing. The vast majority of them have a blog and we have noted it down for you to visit. In them they share their experience and knowledge about Social Media, Personal Brand, SEO, Content Marketing, Online Communication, Design, Journalism. We have also taken into account the selection of female references that our students made two years ago.

Techno Employment

Techno Employment. This website is specialized in the computer, telecommunications and technology sector . It has numerous email leads offers that are updated daily, in addition to other fundamental keys: If you access the Employment section, then opt directly for offers for freelancers or not already managerial positions. Although the bulk of its vacancies are in Spain, this website intends to project its services to other countries. In the left sidebar you can narrow your search according to your preferences. The website is associated with TecnoSaber, an ICT course platform More than 20 thousand companies announce their job offers on this portal for computer scientists

Ecom & Jobs

Ecom & Jobs’ specialty is digital jobs oriented to e-commerce. The offers range from developers to marketing managers. Therefore, including many other professions linked to digital marketing . What else does this portal offer us? It is quite easy to use It has a lot of filters on the right. But I would recommend not filtering excessively, lest you miss out on an interesting offer that is located in another category. It has a section with some tips CU Lists to prepare your candidacy ( how to make a CV , how to prepare for a job interview , etc.). Therefore, Despite not being a well-known website, it offers many interesting and specific job offers.

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