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Also read these: A million euros by blogging – even though blogs should be dying How to start a blog for free 3 easy steps to start blogging These make the reader leave the blog quickly 1. Dark background and white text This really affects the eyes. We are used to the fact that the background is light and the text is dark. A sudden color change makes it difficult to understand text and words. Karoliina Niemi points out in her thesis: “The use of colors should be particularly accurate in a text where readability is the most important thing. Sufficient contrast makes it easier to read the text, so dark text on a light background usually works best.” ( Niemi, Karoliina, thesis, p. 19 ) 2. Sidebar full of ads There are two schools of thought. One is of the opinion that the sidebar is not needed at all, the other is of the opinion that it should definitely be there.  because it is easy to collect relevant and current information for the reader.

I personally like the sidebar

It is good to know about the sidebar that on a mobile device the sidebar moves after the actual page and posts. At least in the situation that the blog is mobile latest database optimized. There is absolutely no point in collecting different, flashing, changing and different-sized advertisements and advertising banners in the sidebar. The more ragged the content of the sidebar, the more it gives the impression that the blog was put together quickly and the blogger has no interest in making the layout attractive. This, in turn, creates a new image of a busy or careless blogger.  the sidebar, there should be no more than 3 of them and they should be of the same size. 3. The sidebar is narrow In many Blogger blogs, I see that two columns are crammed into the sidebar.

If you want to place ads in

Since the sidebar itself is narrow, two side-by-side panels make it even more cramped. In some blogs, this manifests itself in the way that the text of the column is only 3 to 5 letters long, in which case the text looks like this at worst: If I have this look on my blog , it will be fine You know what I mean. This kind of text is extremely difficult to read. If you want a sidebar on your blog, place it on the right side and keep it one column wide. You can adjust  CU Lists the width of the sidebar in the blog platform settings. However, make sure that the sidebar scales correctly also on mobile.

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