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Always write unique content written with your words, your style, your voice. Show from the first post that you are worth listening to and your content is worth coming to read. Here are some examples of the most read posts on this blog: Impostor syndrome – 20 tips to get rid of it 48 ways to promote business when it’s quiet 3 easy steps to start a blog in 2018 2017 Business Review: €86,288.20 5 ways to use a blog to build a brand Additional resources: 123 ideas how to get more readers to your blog What is the difference between categories, tags, keywords and keywords? H thousands of other Life Coaches? Great! My content was stolen! Instant exit percentage – This is how you turn a random visitor into a committed reader 6.

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Launch plan Great that you’ve read this far! The launch of the blog is just about finished. The sixth and last step new database is making a launch plan or a marketing plan. I strongly recommend planning the launch well in advance. For example, you can write several posts during the launch, which will appear more frequently than usual. If you publish 1 post per week in the future, during the launch you can publish 2-3 posts per week. I personally spend 3 months planning product launches. It is good to reserve 4 to 6 weeks for the launch of the blog. This will help you pre-write content and schedule it so you don’t have to write anything in a rush and panic during the launch. You can plan the posts at your leisure and write them in good time. During the launch itself, you will have time to chat with new readers on social media, respond to emails and comments.  that 80% of the time should be spent on marketing the blog and 20% on content production.

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 If you don’t market your blog, it will be forgotten surprisingly quickly. The purpose is not to blog all the time, but to make a clear marketing plan that is easy to follow. At the launch, I always recommend gathering a small team around, who share posts on social media and discuss both on the blog and on social media. The team can consist of your immediate family, friends or colleagues. In addition to that, I recommend budgeting a little advertising money for the launch. For example, on Facebook you can do an advertising campaign for a few blog posts and put €5.00 / day / post in the advertisement. If you advertise 4 posts and the launch  CU Lists time is 9 days, the cost is €180.00. And if you followed the instructions in this post, you already have a ready audience on your email list.

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