Discover the YouTube New Tab and learn how to use it

The Community tab was created by YouTube to give. Therefore, content creators a way to keep their subscribers engaged and strengthen their relationship with their audience. With this feature, channel owners and audiences can interact. Therefore, beyond commenting on videos. In addition, YouTubers do not need to communicate with subscribers through other platforms, such as Facebook or Twitter, for example.


What is the YouTube community

When you publish content, it will appear in both the Community tab of your. Therefore, channel, the Home executive data section, and in users’ subscriptions feed. Thus, your followers will have access to your publications in the same way as on other social networks, further. Therefore, enhancing the capabilities of this function. How to activate the function? The YouTube Community feature is not available for all channels. To activate it, you must meet certain requirements:


How does the Community tab work

Not having defined the channel’s audience as. Therefore, “content for children”; and enable custom CU Lists channel layout. To. Therefore, activate the personalization option, go to your channel and click “Customize channel.” With this feature, you can add a trailer and indicate content for subscribers, as well as organize your videos and playlists into sections.

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