Why is it important to use corporate e-mail

When I teach at the university, I often give students an email such as [email protected] to receive assignments and distribute ads. In addition, when opening an e-mail, it was not easy to guess what was coming from which class and when working with more than 100 students, since I registered my nickname like “Oogii Otgoo” instead of my full name. Therefore, I wanted to at least open an e-mail with my full name, and in the “Subject” section, I wanted to write which class and from whom and what assignment was coming.

Sometimes this culture is missing when conducting business. Some people who interact with a lot of people and have a responsible job do not respond to their e-mail for a long time, and it is uncomfortable to reply that they did not check when asked. Therefore, I advise my students and younger siblings who are starting their careers to open an official e-mail if they get a new job, and to use it in business communication.

It is important to know how to use official or company e-mail. Sending funny emails and non-work related things to your co-workers will definitely make you look unprofessional. Also, use workplace technology to visit irrelevant websites and do other things. Because you don’t have your “personal space” for everything that is important to the company, and then you have to remember that you have no right to complain about my e-mail and my computer.

Remember the rules of writing

Unless your company has Aruba Email Lists a custom design for its e-mail system, it’s best to use plain black and a normal font. Don’t even think about color or paint. Also, remember that unless it’s a response to a very urgent event, writing an e-mail with too many abbreviations and “well, that’s it…” can come across as rude.

Use TO, BC, Cc
In the To field, you must use the full name of the person you are sending the e-mail to. In addition, it is clear that when you send “B. Bat” instead of “bat”, the receiver will feel more reliable and businesslike.

When using Cc, never write to people you don’t know at once, unless you’re introducing them. Sharing your e-mail address with people you know or don’t know is not very desirable. However, if you want to listen to the opinions of many people in your office, and inform your colleagues and superiors about the issues to be discussed and the progress of work, you must use Cc.

If you want to send the same file to many people

Country Email List

Reply to All
Before clicking this button, consider whether you CU Lists need everyone to see your reply. There is also a button to send a reply to one person in particular. Also, if you are a person you have communicated with before, but you want to contact about another issue, please create a new Subject without using Reply.

When attaching a file, make sure it opens with a popular application. Microsoft Office tools are everywhere, but it’s doubtful that anyone can open your presentation file using Prezi. Therefore, before sending an e-mail, it is better to ask if it is okay to use another extension.

E-mail structure
Even if it’s a regular contact or friend, but if it’s a business e-mail, you should say hello at the beginning, and write your business in the next line. Also, be sure to include your name at the end of the e-mail with a thank you and goodbye. No one will make fun of you for following these rules in business e-mails.

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