The State of Marketing Post Third Party Data Collection

Many marketers buy third-party lists for email campaigns.
Search engine optimization (seo): third-party metrics guide ranking potential.
Digital media buying: advertisers buy digital ad space to target audiences with third-party data.

Our research shows that many business marketers’ daily activities involved third-party data in 2021:

Two in three used social media marketing
Two in three used email marketing
Over one in two used online advertising
Over one in two used seo
About one in three used programmatic media buying
Especially when these types of marketing activities involve targeted ads. Therefore, third-party data is most likely involved. When websites store customers’ cookies, personal data, such as age, location, interests, and purchasing habits, become.Therefore, the ingredients for a targeted ad. These visitor profiles can then be used to send retargeted ads to past website visitors or even look-alike web profiles.

Frequency capping, limiting a consumer’s exposure to a single ad to prevent overexposure, relies on third-party data. Attribution also relies on third-party data to monitor ad performance across digital locations, tracking click-to-purchase rates (conversions).

Both will be gone with third party data legislation

The good news is that your first-party cookies are safe. Therefore, You can continue to log your organization’s website visitor data, including buy phone lists sessions, usernames, passwords, products in the shopping cart, etc. And you can use your own data to create targeted ads going forward.

Use your own first-party data for targeted ads
Ask yourself: how do you feel about these looming data changes?

Therefore, After conducting the research, three distinct attitudinal segments emerged: independent, data-reliant and concerned respondents. If your organization has a robust data stack and rarely uses third-party data, you may be like the independent respondents. These marketers have a lot of confidence in their organizations’ data gathering and fewer worries about the future.

For those that rely heavily on third party data

Therefore,  Like data-reliant respondents, a custom-built data management system may need to be in the works. This group knows data is essential to marketing and that you need high-quality data to succeed. Therefore, finding other sources for data collection is essential.

Those who believe the best prospect lists CU Lists are developed in-house think third-party data is risky and worry about their data privacy may relate to our concerned respondents. These marketers know third-party data is going away and don’t think their organizations are prepared.

Once third-party cookies leave google chrome in 2024, marketing will no longer be business as usual. Marketers will need new methods to gather data asap. Upgrading your data gathering process isn’t impossible. It just requires thinking ahead, time, and a strategic mindset.

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