Social Media Dictionary: The 100 words of the Community Manager

Social Media Dictionary: The 100 words of the Community Manager. Good morning, today we have something special for you. I present to you the Community Manager dictionary. We thought that it would be great to help our students and for those interested in Community Manager and Social Media, to gather definitions in the CM dictionary with the most used words and concepts in our classes. This way you have a lot of content at hand to refresh your memory or to learn new things, which is always good.

Advergaming and Affiliates

Advergaming Concept that comes from the fusion of two words “Advertising and Game”. They are those advertising campaigns. Therefore, that implement games as part of the promotion of a product, organization or idea. A technique on the rise and increasingly practiced that originated in the United States. Affiliates are people or companies email database that maintain a commercial relationship of mutual interest. Therefore, where both parties obtain some type of benefit. These types of agreements usually arise between companies and their suppliers or between independent businesses.

Web Analytics and API

Web Analytics, It is the way to measure and analyze the traffic data of a website. Therefore, through which it will allow us to make the best decisions and optimize business objectives. In our Google Analytics guide with 35 key metrics and functions. Therefore, you can find out how to successfully develop your social media strategy. API, It comes from the English concept «Application Programming Interface»; We can understand it as the key that allows CU Lists us to carry out. Therefore, the connection between several different platforms, connect them with each other and use them for a specific purpose that we need to carry out.

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