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The standard for government website requirements (MNS 6285) was approved in 2011. By the National Council for Standardization and Metrology (NSC).

International standards, and guidelines issued by international professional organizations.

This standard is the website of the government organization

General requirements
Content requirements
Performance requirements
Application requirements
It consists of a special requirements section
This standard supersedes and supersedes MNS 6285:2011.

The requirements of the website Azerbaijan Mailing Data of the government organization are part of the software quality requirements. Some terms and definitions of Software product quality requirements and evaluation (SQuaRE) MNS 6243:2011. MNS 6247:2011 standards, Software development MNS 6245:2011, MNS 6248:2011 standards. Its definitions and clauses differ from the international standard ISO/IEC 25010 Systems. And Software Engineering – Systems and Software Quality Requirements and Evaluation.


Classification code 35.240.20

Requirements for government websites

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MNS 6285 : 2016

Requirements for the CU Lists governmental organization’s websites

It was approved by the resolution of the National Standardization Council dated 2016.

This standard is valid from the date of registration.

1. Scope

This standard sets the requirements for websites of government organizations (hereinafter referred to as websites).

Considered in the following context. It includes:

2. Normative reference

The following referenced standards and documents apply to this standard.

ISO/TR 14873:2013 Information and Documentation website

ISO/IEC 2382:2015 Information technology

/IEC 2452-1:2014 Information Technology – User Interfaces

Ergonomics of human-system interaction —Human-centered design for interactive systems

W3C standards,

Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. Division for Social Policy and Development Disability. United Nations

Unified legal information system,

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3. Terms and definitions

3.1. icon

An icon is an element of the interface that represents the action of the program.

3.2. URL

Uniform Resource Locator

3.3. WIMP interface
Communication environment with windows, icons, menus and pointers, responsible for connecting the user and the system. The user communicates with the system through the interface and receives information

3.4. WYSIWYG principle

What you see is what you get – the principle that what you see on the screen should be the same on the printed paper.

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