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Today, when the traditional business model is changing minute by minute under the influence of digital transition, “Green Soft” LLC offers a new way of online meeting to customers, clients and all those who are interested in our services. Ask yourself if it’s worth wasting your time in traffic to come to our office for a 30-minute appointment!

This article provides instructions on how to hold a remote meeting. There are many types of online meeting software, and this article recommends ZOOM for you.

What do you need?

Laptop or smartphone/laptop is more convenient 🙂
Reliable internet
Mic / optional
Comfortable quiet Chinese American Phone Number List environment
Program Download | iOS app download | Android app download

Instructions for attending an online meeting

Special Database

You will receive an invitation to the meeting and an appointment time.
Open the email and click on the CU Lists link to participate. If the program is not pre-downloaded, click the Open Zoom Meetings button at the top of the window and the program will be downloaded automatically.
Click the Open Zoom Meeting button to enter the meeting room.
Choose to turn on your video when the meeting starts.
You should contact the appointed time without delay.
If there is any reason, such as an internet outage, in the middle of the meeting, you can click the link in the email invitation and click the Open Zoom Meeting button to reconnect.
Get used to saving your budget and time by solving all your life tasks online. Good luck with your business!

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