Late website requirements

Customer demand and new supplier initiatives determine market development and lead to a new stage. Things that were useful for people at that time have been updated. With the right of time, giving way to other new possibilities.

However, every day we see that some backlog requests still live among us while meeting with some subscribers. Here are some special ones from those requests.

One. Put time, currency rates and weather on the website

Gone are the days when people would turn to Chinese Europe Phone Number List your site to check the weather. And see if it would only be useful for some special occasion. Now that everyone has access to the above information on their cell phones. And wristwatches think again about whether you want to see the weather on your website. However, I believe that many experts agree with me that it would be much more important to place your new products and services. Or your contact information such as telephone and email, on the space where you will place these things.

Two. Static vs Dynamic site

Special Database

The question of whether to build a static site or a dynamic site tells you how far away you are from current website trends. Now, the way a site is made CU Lists puts more emphasis on something other than static dynamics. Making a site static, in the old-fashioned way, or content that cannot be updated, can cost more than making a dynamic site today. Because updating this static content can probably take the same amount of time as creating it all over again, and it’s a very time-consuming task for both the person doing it and the person doing it. Therefore, companies and experts in our industry should give the right understanding to those who ask about a static dynamic site.


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