Is it OK to buy a Facebook page


For Mongolians, there is no one who does not agree that the Facebook environment itself has become a channel for making business accessible at the lowest cost. As the demand for Facebook grows, so many phenomena and solutions are emerging. An example of this is buying a Facebook page. A lot of people buy ready-made pages and try to reach a lot of people in a short time, instead of acquiring their loyal users in the medium and long term. But in the end, it becomes a wasteful purchase. Let’s try to explain why.

 Not your target customers

Most of the people who sell pages mainly Business Owner Phone Numbers List advertise fake contests, or fake famous people’s pages, steal movie comics, or name their pages after trending topics. It’s very unlikely that this is your target audience. Think about it, instead of someone who is likely to buy your product, there is someone who is just relying on LUCK…

High cost per user acquisition

Special Database
Let’s say that a person from the page you bought luckily contacted and brought you a sale. However, the percentage of pages bought by these CU Lists people is 0.00001%. But how much money did you get this page? Instead, you can expect high results at a very low cost when sending ads to your target audience.

You can see the page name change history

Facebook has introduced a new tab called INFO and ADS on the pages, and on this tab, the page shows what ads the page is currently running and the history of the name change.

It has the “advantage” of giving businesses and consumers, as well as their competitors, detailed information about exactly what ads a page is running and what products it’s activating.

Also, users have been discovering and sharing stories of pages with more followers recently changing their names.

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