How to Track YouTube Videos Using

Features such as featur snippets Google maps videos images google maps people also ask boxes knowlge panels etc. If you take a screenshot of the Google SERP today using a tool like GoFullPage you can refer back to it if you later wonder what else appear near your search snippet. 3. Check the keyphrase relevance of the page Lets start with SEO basics. Does the phrase appear on the page Is it in the most important places Is the phrase in the title header and body text You can check using the Control + F test. This is just

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In the browser. It shows the keyphrase usage on the page. To check if the keyphrase is in the title look at the text in the browser tab. Does the phrase appear on the page Where does it appear In the title header and body text b2b leads Do the words appear all together as a bond phrase or is it broken up What about the closely relat phrases Its possible that the phrase hardly appear on the page at all. Its possible the ranking was completely by accident. If so you now have an opportunity to indicate the relevance and improve the

Rankings with

Very little effort. If the phrase isnt in the title header and body text then this page wasnt really search-optimiz. The Google rankings were accidental. You have found a page that wasnt well-optimiz. 4. Find the CU Lists semantically-relat phrases Now that youve found the low-hanging fruit youre ready to do some high-impact SEO. Search engines dont really match letters words and phrases. They match the searchers intent with

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