Mapping the exact terms that can make your

A lot of up-to-date knowledge about google algorithms and experts from different areas are involved. Working on different fronts. Such as keyword study : mapping the exact terms that can make your potential customer reach your website; content production and optimization. The creation and maintenance of updated and optimized. Content for search engines; link building : building website authority. With the participation of leading authors in the market. And the recommendation of your content on other authority websites.

Being on the first page of Google is not a

User experience : analysis and care with navigability, loading time and content aligned with search intent to avoid penalties; And much more ! Tip: From 0 to 12,000 hits: Tris’ organic traffic success What does an SEO agency do? Being an agency specializing in SEO goes far beyond carrying out keyword studies and creating good content. After all, being on the first page of Google is not a stroke of luck ! To new data  improve the positioning of client pages, in addition to operationalizing the list of activities that I mentioned previously, an SEO agency: Create a strategy aligned with your clients’ objectives.

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Identifying strengths and weaknesses and establishing. Clear goals to guide actions; Monitors the technical .Aspects of the website . Ensuring loading speed, friendly and safe URLs, crawled and indexed pages and usability on different devices; Generates CU Lists and analyzes periodic reports that help to verify whether the defined strategy is working, finding new opportunities and points for improvement. In other words: a good SEO agency has professionals who are not limited to just seeking more visibility by improving rankings in search results — they follow your company’s strategy in every detail.

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