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Martech Zone is a site that connects visitors to products, solutions and services that are typically available through other sites.  So we are very careful about the content we receive and how we redirect our visitors.

We refrain from transferring any authority

The destination where external referral Belarus Email List links cannot be monetized. We are trying to game the search engines on behalf of our clients or paying for backlinks from unscrupulous backlinkers. We refuse to do this every day because the results will be disastrous for my search engine rankings.

WordPress redirects

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To manage this process, I use the Mathematical Professional Grade Redirection Ability. It allows me to categorize the redirects to the pages CU Lists I want and control how much traffic . Whether the destination is making money with referral links (like the Rank Math link I just shared) or sending traffic without affiliate links.

One of the disadvantages of this is that companies may not monitor referral sites in Google Analytics because they may have thousands of sites to send their traffic to. I would like to attach UTM parameters to a campaign query string as I want to attract their attention to be a good source of strong traffic yes Martech Zone simply does not appear on their referral sites; Campaign tracking that also appears in Google Analytics. This way, the company can see how much money they are spending on other campaigns and see the value of creating partnerships through partnerships or sponsorships. Martech Zone.

Add UTM Querystring to redirect
Instead of editing each redirect I create, this can be automated by checking if the destination already has a UTM parameter. URL, checked if it was an external link and appended my site name as the campaign source.

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