Get to the top of the search engines

There are two ways to get top ranking in Google search engine: organic and paid. This method can help you if your website is just starting to rank organically.

Have you ever seen search results like the image below

A result with an ad mark means that it Antarctica Email Lists has paid. A certain amount to Google to appear directly on the first page of a search.

How much do you think it will cost?

Useful things

A company website that contains your business information

Country Email List
International Dollar Card
If you do not have a Google account /gmail account/, see the instructions for opening a Gmail account
Step 1: Create a CU Lists campaign to sign up for AdWords
Sign in with your Gmail account at

Create a corporate jobFor this article, let’s assume that you are a dental clinic entrepreneur.

Give your company a name of your choice and select Search Network only from the TYPE field.

If you want, you can select Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar, etc. from the Let me choose section.

Well, in the next section, you should set up billing, budget, units, and pressure prices.

In the Bid strategy section, select Manual: Manual CPC.

Default bid: enter how much $ you want to bid per click. For me, I entered 0.10. The cost per click is lower if the keyword has low competition. And there are no other businesses competing with you, and the higher the competition, the higher the cost.

Enter the maximum amount to be printed per day in the Budget section. Enter $3 for the article.

When everything is set, click Save and continue to move to the next step. If something is wrong or incomplete, a new window will appear to proceed to the next step.


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