Desventajas del posicionamiento SEM

Unlike SEO, we can create different versions. Disadvantages of the content that will be displayed on the SERPs search results pages. When we create our ads in Google Ads we can establish different headlines and descriptions for our ads, and include as an extension of the ads links to other sections of the website, highlighted texts, the Google My Business location and contact telephone numbers. And in certain types of campaigns we can add images and videos. The website DOES influence. Google Ads does take into account the content of the website. It will show more times and at a lower CPM those pages that meet the expectations created in the ad. In short, they respond to the user’s search. Estimation of results. Depending on the investment, the cost per click of each keyword in the campaign and the conversion rate.

Disadvantages Disadvantages of SEM positioning

Like SEO, SEM positioning also has some disadvantages. These industry email list are more common. It is necessary to invest continuously, both in Google Ads and in management fees. The number of visits depends on the economic investment we allocate. The moment we stop investing, the website disappears from the search results. Short/medium term profitability. If the campaign is well planned, and we periodically optimize it, we will obtain results from the first moment. Specific landing page. Each Google Ads campaign or ad group will be redirected to a specific landing page, never to the home page. All elements of the landing page (design, text, usability and calls to action) must be designed to generate conversions. If your product is an impulse purchase, it may be better to advertise on social networks.

Objetivos de marketing digital

If our goal is notoriety, it is better to bet on a display Google CU Lists Ads campaign. However, if the goal is to attract quality visits in the long term, it is better to design an SEO positioning strategy. Prohibited products or services. Some advertisers cannot run advertising campaigns in Google Ads for drugs, weapons, explosives, sexual content, fakes, etc. In these cases, the only option is to opt for organic positioning. Temporality. If the product or service to be positioned is temporary, it may be better to opt for an SEM positioning campaign. Competition, some sectors have a high level of competition in SEO. In these cases it will be necessary to combine both strategies. Purchasing process. Perhaps the best option to generate sales is not search engine positioning, but planning social ads campaigns.

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