Cómo pueden participar los usuarios

As I have commented in different articles, How can giveaways on social networks are one of the most common social media actions to achieve certain social media objectives: add new followers, increase the reach of a publication, improve engagement, publicize a new product, etc. But until now it was only possible to do them among those who commented on a publication in any Instagram video, image, carousel or reel format. But now it is possible to do giveaways on Instagram stories! Of course, the only application that allows you to collect the data automatically and choose the winner is Easypromos. If you still don’t have an account in this APP, it’s time to create one for free. Register now.

How How can users participate?

As in any social media action, giveaways in Instagram category email list stories allow us to achieve different objectives. I explain which are the most common Visibility. Stories are one of the formats that achieve the greatest visibility on Instagram. If we get users to interact with a story, it will have a better chance of being seen by other users. But not only this, those users who have interacted with the giveaway will have more options to see our stories again. Engagement. If we opt for the mechanics of rewarding those who interact with the story, the engagement of our profile will improve. And when we publish again, our posts will have a better chance of being seen. Brand awareness. If we opt for the mechanism of encouraging users to publish a story mentioning the account, we will ensure that they become the best influencers of the brand.

Examples of giveaways on Instagram stories

Below, I give you some ideas to make giveaways on CU Lists Instagram stories. Tourism can raffle a night in a hotel, an experience, a gift voucher among those users who publish. A story of the tourist destination where your company is located. Another mechanic that works very well is feeding. A raffle among all users who publish a consuming story. Or using your product tag the brand profile. Education If you are a school or training center, a mechanism that always works is the raffle for something related to training, for example, a book from one of the teachers or a scholarship. Among those who respond to the publication. Fashion and accessories Fashion and accessory brands or stores have a great opportunity. With this new functionality. They can publish a video showing a dress as a story and raffle it off.

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