Critique Your Website as You Would an Employee

Have you given your website a performance review? Your website is your first, and sometimes only, storefront for your business. A good site will attract new customers and lead them through the buying journey. In some cases, the website is your top-performing sales executive. In many cases, your website is an extension of your sales team.

Have you ever written a job description for your website? Well, maybe it’s time! With your website’s critical role for your business, I recommend treating it as a sales executive. Make a list of the expectations and deliverables you expect from your website, then evaluate your current one to see if it matches up.

At a minimum, your site should keep your customers informed on new products and services and enhance your business’s visibility on search engine results pages.

You should refresh your website:
When your website no longer reflects your business’s offerings or culture
Your website should change as your business does.

All your offerings should be displayed and detailed on your website

When your messaging needs updating
As your customers’ needs change, your website should change.
Tip: keep track of the questions you receive from your customers. If you are receiving the same questions frequently, it’s time to clarify your messaging. Consider an faq page.
When your website is no longer contemporary
Web visitors “judge a website by its cover”.
Visitors assume that companies with modern websites offer modern solutions/ products, so your website’s aesthetic is directly related to its effectiveness.
Tip: save time by using a template.
If your website is not mobile-friendly
Websites that are not mobile-friendly offer a poor buy telemarketing call list user experience and increase the chance a visitor will bounce from the website.
55% of all internet traffic is mobile, and you don’t want to miss out on this traffic

Having a mobile-friendly website may mean ranking above your competitors.

Updating your website to speed it up will increase the chance users will stay on the site

Several reasons could cause slow loading speed: heavy, unoptimized images, underpowered hosting, and even an old, poorly performing theme.
Tip: aim for a loading time under 3 seconds. Use tools like pingdomor gtmetrix to check how long it takes your site to load.
When you want to overtake your competitor
A new website could mean ranking above CU Lists your competitor in google.
When your organic traffic is dipping
Google rewards websites that publish content regularly
Fresh content ranks better than outdated content
Tip: don’t feel like you need to do an entire website overhaul. Start small by updating blogs.
If your backend coding is more than five years old
At this point, likely, the code is no longer supported and suspectable to hackers or even breakdowns.
Usability and tech have evolved tremendously since your last website – and the costs have come down.
Bottom line – invest in your website the same way you would invest in your people. And with a clearly written job description and regular reviews, you will receive much higher performance.

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