Why produce content internally

The first thing is precisely to know that the content marketing team has full knowledge about the company . This provides assurance that the text produced will address business objectives, will be written in appropriate branding language. And will also describe products appropriately where necessary. Furthermore, whenever there are any questions, the contact to clarify them. Because it is internal, is easier and more agile. not everyone has the same writing style and in-depth knowledge about the company.

Disadvantages of internal production

Unfortunately, not everything is rosy, the process Job Function Email List has some disadvantages, which in reality are a consequence of a poorly structured content management process. Next, we want to show you 3 that deserve your attention. The first is the execution of the briefing, the person responsible for carrying out the briefing must be very precise. The document must contain all the information to create the content, since this is essential to correctly produce the pieces.

Chief Content Officer

The content director must have deep knowledge CU Lists of the entire process related to content production, being able to execute any of its stages (which we will talk about later). However, that is not his primary role in this position. As a content director, this professional needs to connect the dots between sales and marketing , define the team’s goals, and ensure that content production is in line with the hiring company’s objectives.

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