Create valuable content for the buyer persona

This is basic advice, but it cannot be left out of a text on SEO and brand awareness. If you want to strengthen brand awareness with SEO, you must create content that people want to read and that is useful . Therefore, the content must focus on the buyer persona . Understanding the characteristics, intentions, doubts and needs of the potential buyer or user, in order to create relevant publications, is a priority. In this way, you will be able to strengthen ties with the public, demonstrating that the brand is by their side and wants to help solve problems along the way.

Use your experience to create unique content

Strengthening branding involves creating Email Contact List differentials that make the brand stand out and conquer a unique space in people’s minds. And, in SEO, how can you be original? One of the main ways to do this is to create differentiated content, which no other site can boast of. And do you know what is something that only you have? Your experience! Therefore, use it when producing materials: tell stories , give examples, present customer cases, talk about your learnings, reflect on the company’s failures and successes.

Provide the best user experience

The user experience on the site is decisive. Both for CU Lists positioning in Google and for the perception of the brand, therefore, essential to strengthen brand awareness. A brand that offers good website usability gains consumer engagement and trust. If the user can easily achieve what he wants , without obstacles or difficulties, he develops good perception. Several factors contribute to this, such as. Throughout the visitor’s experience on the website.

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