Lead tracking and attribution for marketing agencies

Marketing agencies operate in a dynamic environment where success depends on data-driven decision making. One of the critical challenges agencies face is accurately tracking and reporting on leads generated from multiple marketing campaigns. If you’re in, Leadgen Business, you’d better have a solution where you. And your customers can monitor the effectiveness of your strategy.

What converts
What Converts solves this critical challenge for marketing agencies, accurately tracking and reporting leads generated from marketing campaigns. The platform enables trusted lead tracking and reporting software from top agencies. Experts and consultants to deliver value to their clients.

Marketing agencies run different campaigns on different platforms

which makes it difficult to Bahamas Email List accurately identify leads. Traditionally, multi-source lead tracking has been manual and lacks a centralized system. This leads to incomplete data, missed opportunities, and an inability to show customers the true impact of campaigns.

What Converts offers integrated lead tracking and reporting software that automates the process of capturing, organizing and analyzing leads from different conversion types including calls, forms and chats. This solution enables agencies to optimize campaign management while demonstrating the true effectiveness of their campaigns.

WhatConverts is equipped with a wide range of features tailored

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Lead tracking features
Call Tracking: Call tracking leads back CU Lists to their marketing sources. Allowing you to understand which campaigns are driving phone referrals.
Form Tracking: Easily monitor and track leads generated by existing web forms on your website, providing insight into the origin of the form.
Chat Tracking: Tie Chat helps you track leads to specific marketing campaigns, direct you to the right sources, and measure conversions through chat.
eCommerce: Get a comprehensive overview of the impact of your marketing efforts on sales and conversions, and see all your leads and sales in one place.

Valuable Leads: Determine the value of leads generated from different marketing efforts, allowing you to prioritize campaigns with the best return on investment (ROI).
Export Leads: Import leads directly into your Customer Relationship Management.

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