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Central to our efforts as marketers is trying to connect the sales, marketing and advertising initiatives we take to move our prospects down the customer journey. Prospective customers rarely follow a clean path to conversion, no matter how great the experience.

When it comes to advertising, the purchase cost is quite expensive, so we hope that you will limit it in order to monitor and improve the results of your campaign. A landing page platform is often used for this purpose. Here are five benefits:

Benefits of the page

Attribution – by keeping the landing Bahrain Email List page away from other conversion paths, you get a clear idea of ​​the return on your ad investment.
Behavioral – by limiting engagement with other resources, we narrow down our prospects’ choices and actions, making them more likely to convert instead of watching.
Simple – Designing beautiful, fast and simple landing pages increases the chances of conversion regardless of the device a visitor is using.
Lead management – be able to easily confirm, save, send, route and respond to leads when completing registration forms.
testing – By using a platform that includes a testing methodology, we can deploy different headlines, content, form fields, and designs that statistically increase conversion rates.
An example of a landing page
Take a look at some of the key features of a simple landing page below – minimal navigation, strong contrast elements, single call-to-action, headlines, outlines, bullet points…all of which drive the user to convert.

white sheet of paper

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Instapage Landing Page Platform
Here’s a video introduction and review of the Instapage landing page platform :

Features of the page platform
Instapage’s fully customizable builder CU Lists allows businesses to create stunning, easy-to-convert landing pages. With contextual element editing, over 5,000 fonts, and 33 million images, Instapage’s landing page builder takes the pain out of creating branded, conversion-friendly landing pages. The features are:

Instapage Landing Page Platform
Template layout based on industry and use case – 200+ fully customized and optimized templates designed to increase your conversions.
Page Visual Collaboration – Collaborate directly with your team and clients in real-time to streamline the design review process. Create, review, publish and convert your pages faster.
Form Builder – Add customizable forms with multiple fields, dropdown lists, or radio buttons in just a few clicks. Collect more information from potential data by turning complex forms into multiple steps. Reduce friction points and get consumers to interact with your brand.
Lead Management – ​​Save, bypass, export, route, or integrate leads into CRM or other integrations in Instapage. Receive email and dashboard notifications when you create a new lead.
Confirmation Messages – Set up a confirmation message when visitors fill out your form.
Thank You & Confirmation Pages – Let your newest subscribers know you appreciate their interest after they submit their information in the format of your choice with an on-brand thank you page.
Digital Asset Delivery – Save yourself a step by setting up an automated digital asset delivery system. With just a few clicks, you can ensure instant downloads when you’re eligible for a leading offer.
Landing Blocks – Quickly build hundreds of personalized landing pages using blocks that can be customized, saved, and reused. Choose from pre-designed block templates like headers, footers, testimonials and more, or create custom blocks from scratch.

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