Artefact earns the Amazon Ads Advanced Partner badge

Artefact earns, the digital services and DATA agency that helps brands in their digital transformation by taking advantage of data to boost their growth both nationally and internationally and that includes among its services the implementation of Data Marketing. Performance and Retail Media strategies. Now Amazon Ads Advanced Partner. With this new Amazon Ads Advanced Partner status. Obtained both locally and internationally. Artefact will have greater visibility and relevance within the partner directory .

Connect with Amazon customers more effectively

Thus providing all its advertising industry email list clients with solutions and tools so they can achieve their business objectives. Therefore, connect with Amazon customers more effectively. “Obtaining this new partner status is an incentive to continue offering the best Amazon Ads management to our clients. Therefore, confirm that we are a trusted company both for our current clients and for companies interested in our services ,” said Jonathan García, director of E-retail at Artefact. This Amazon Ads Advanced Partner badge comes just a few months after Artefact joined the Amazon Ads partner network.

This Amazon Ads Advanced Partner

The Amazon Ads Partner Network CU Lists program is designed to help agencies and tool providers get the best advertising results for their clients. Artefact has worked with Amazon Ads for several years in its different locations around the world. Therefore, the company has extensive knowledge of best practices for sellers and continues to offer its expertise to customers across various Amazon Ads products with tools that can manage. Therefore, optimize their digital advertising campaigns.

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