How will Facebook’s NEWS Feed changes affect people

More than 1.9 million registered users from Mongolia use Facebook, the number one network in the world, every day. Recently, on January 11, Facebook made an important announcement regarding NEWS FEED.

The main purpose of this announcement was to change the user’s News feed, or main window, to show only the most discussed posts related to friends and relatives, or the posts that may be relevant to them, and to show less content from content producers or other pages.

Content producers, business organizations, and in our words


page developers will be the biggest Loan Phone Number List losers or affected by this change. Their post information and reach to users is expected to be reduced overall REACH or reach.

But what will the user gain

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According to Facebook, users will see more “quality” and “trending” content.

I see the following changes for marketers CU Lists and entrepreneurs as a result of this shift:

1. The need for quality content
In order to attract more attention of consumers, there is an urgent need for businesses and marketers to create better quality content that appeals to them. With Facebook’s new algorithm changes, posts with more engagement (rich in shares, likes, and comments) are getting more visibility. That’s why in the near future, users will see the words “If you like it, like it and share it”, “Share it and save it”, “If you like it, write a comment and leave a comment”.

2. Boost or advertising price will increase
Once the content is no longer reaching users, marketers will need to boost their posts by small amounts to reach more people. Everyone believes that starting to post ads is likely to increase the cost of advertising by creating competition. BOOST’s share of marketing costs will increase, directors.

3. A user with many friends will enter “moda”.
Some of our famous people use their personal pages and profiles at the same time. Some have a huge following without a page just from their profile. These are the people who could potentially benefit from the new changes. Because with so many friends, there is a high probability that the post will appear on the NEWS FEED of other users. So, my friends, don’t go wrong to open your Followers settings now.


4. The user sees more of the content he needs
Some users may turn to “See first” settings on their favorite pages when frequently viewed content is no longer visible. Pages will probably encourage people to set this up as well.

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