5 Reasons Why Websites Fail

It is very rare for small and medium business owners in Mongolia to be able to use their own website to benefit their business.

Based on our experience, we decided to write about several reasons why websites fail. I hope it will be useful for those who are about to start a new website or who just can’t get rid of their existing website and don’t know what to do when it comes to running it 🙂

Please note that this advice is only for small and medium businesses

1. Websites for busy people and Albania Email Lists people who don’t know what they’re trying to do
Most of the Mongolian companies have organized their websites to have a lot of menus. Make sure your website is ready for today’s busy people and that what they want to see is easy to find. Simply put, the information on the website is “What is the service? What do I need? How much is it? Where and how can I get it?” should answer the question. That’s all.

about us

Historical trajectory
Director’s greetings / ‘I, I’ attitude, what if we become a top 150 enterprise, we can prepare a greeting/
Vision /Your investors only need/
Rewards / What kind of rewards you have received is not interesting to the users/
Blah blah, etc., and punish their visitors by creating a menu that no one will ever read.
This problem happens a lot to people who are just starting to build a website. In other words, creating a site structure with many breakdowns, which is a huge burden on yourself, and preparing the materials accordingly, 1 month, 2 months, 3 months… 6 months later, the preparation is not finished. Wouldn’t it be lovely to waste all your time sticking to websites instead of running your business?

Remember the saying, “It’s better to start than to be perfect.”

Think of the Facebook business page we use, there are only a few menus! As an example, if you go to the sites of Apple and Microsoft, they immediately offer their products and services, and the menu is more dedicated to this aspect. You’ll find the About Us menu by looking hard.

In particular, small startups should prepare their content

Country Email List

2. Worrying too much about nonsense
Will our CU Lists website be hacked?
Will our website work on mobile?
In what programming language? PHP is said to be bad, isn’t JAVA better?
What color will it be?
Would red be nice, would yellow be nice?
He sang that wherever the server is located, it should be in Mongolia
etc. do not worry too much about technical issues. Because, all professional Mongolian web development companies and programmers will meet the above requirements without any problems. It’s not that they’ve gotten better, it’s because the technology that makes websites has gotten better and they do it all almost automatically. A: The site located in Mongolia seems to work fast from here, but the access speed from other countries in the world is very slow. That means you need to listen to the advice of a professional rather than doing it on your own. But keep in mind that if you get it done by the “I can do it” people in ‘100 families’, the situation may be completely different from the one above. Note that the main factors that make a website design ugly are non-standard requests due to the client’s personal opinion.


From this picture, you can see the idea that it should be done differently by a professional. In Mongolian terms, ENSURE THE JOB THEY KNOW ABOUT TO THE PROFESSIONALS! (but only if you find the right professional)

3. Goals are not clear and there is no plan
Does your business really need a website? read the article.

Well, just when I was thinking that I would have a site like this, that site looks beautiful, and this site looks beautiful.

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