10+ online courses that you can study

Have you ever thought that the world is flat? The Internet has become like an academic house with a huge comfortable library that teaches everything that everyone does not know. To help you save time and money by taking an online course, here is a list of sites where you can improve your knowledge in your spare time.

1.Future Learn Study

You can find the widest selection of Business

Communication, Art and Algeria Email Lists Fashion courses here. Courses last for an average of 3-8 weeks.

2. Mooc – An online course that offers all kinds of free and paid courses.

3. Alison.com – Business, Finance and Economics available.

4. Khan Academy – Maths, Chemistry and Physics courses are available for free.

5. Udemy – Mostly online courses for technical skills.

6. Highbrow – Free 10-day course + Daily 5-minute lessons via email and homework reminders.

7. Academic Earth

View content and videos from MIT and Stanford universities

Country Email List

8. Harvard free online course–Who says you can’t study at Harvard University for free? From this site, you can view abstracts viewed at CU Lists Harvard University for further in-depth study.

9. Learnist – A site where you can learn from others and teach others with the slogan “Share what you know”.

10. Villageearth.org – Over 20 free courses in communication.

11. MIT opencourseware-You can learn from courses viewed at MIT.

12. Open to study – From project management to the art of photography, you can find all kinds of online courses here.

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