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With the industry Winners receiv a paid influencer contract for one year, as well as many other benefits such as free products, professional coaching, content collaboration opportunities and networking events. The result is a select, multicultural and diverse team that will undoubtly appeal to Gen Z’s desire for more inclusive marketing. Cosmetics-genz-quote . More ideas to win over Gen Z It seems that to best deal with generation Z, efforts are never enough. Here are other ideas to win their hearts I. Create an open space sales point likely to ask and seek help from an experienc seller than their parents.

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This feature is very important to take into consideration when designing a point of sale. Solutions are ne that make the generation Z buyer feel free to personally discover the products and that do not make him feel under control, but rather autonomous web designs and development service and able to manage his experience in the store in the best way for himself. For example, the American chain department store counter in its main store in Manhattan. The decision was made to instead create a space where shoppers can more easily explore the assortment on their own and play with the products. Sephora and Ulta have built their retail networks on this sales method.

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Which allows self-discover shopping combin with a physical location where assist shopping can also be carri out. Skincare products? No, Gen Zs prefer haircare products As the co-founder of the Macy’s-own retailer Bluemercury states, “ haircare is the new skincare” for Gen Z. The selfie generation CU Lists prefers to purchase hair products, probably due to the numerous images and videos they upload to social mia on a daily basis. Also because Generation Z is not yet plagu by skin care concerns like millennials, who reach their s/s. The boom in this category began in and three years later, in it is exploding thanks also to the great innovations that are emerging.

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