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User-friendly interface: consider the ease of use of the software. platform, you speed up your work and maximize its potential without significant and long learning curves. For example, Active Campaign(*) , which I use myself, can also be translated into Finnish. Scalability and customization: assess whether the software can grow with your company and adapt to the evolving marketing needs of the future. later is possible, it also brings with it challenges that can affect your company’s image at worst.  to tailor your marketing to your strategies. Integration features: check how the software can be integrated with other programs you use.

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For example, if you use a Woocommerce online store, an appointment booking system or a CRM program, can special data the new software be seamlessly integrated into these? marketing automation software includes a CRM program in itself, so you don’t need several different software. Price: what kind of budget you have to spend on the software. of the software may seem high at the moment, if used correctly the software pays for itself. It is possible to make 10,000 euros in sales per year for every 1,000 active leads. is €500 per year, the cost is small.new software always takes time.

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And sometimes it is also important to consider whether it is worth learning how to use the new software from the beginning or whether it is worth giving the first version of the automation to a professional. If you have employees, you can also delegate learning the software to them. By utilizing the skills, expertise and resources of others, you can quickly dismantle time-consuming tasks and focus on growing and developing CY Lists your own business. When outsourcing, I encourage you to think primarily about saving time. The first automation created by a professional can be ready in a few hours.

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