‘WhatsApp Leads’ by E-Goi: get qualified leads on your website

Why you are bringing traffic to the competition when you run campaigns for your store.The idea behind it is to recover continuous sales in the store since the dynamic has been lost a bit given that Amazon has been in the center of attention. This is being achieved. In the last 10 days there were between 1-4 sales every 24 hours (aside from the now 7 sales daily on Amazon). A curious effect has emerged over the weekend.

A curious effect after launching Why you are bringing

Why you are bringing traffic to the competition when you run  campaigns for your store. The curious thing is each top Seller has executive data a different dynamic. I would highlight these 2 points: Not all top sellers sell well in all markets. Some top sellers sell better in the store, others better on Amazon or Ebay. Well, since I launched Facebook Ads campaigns, a curious effect has emerged. Sales have emerged from all sides. In fact, a specific piece that was.

My hypothesis about what happens run campaigns for your store

It is clear that the hypothesis I have is not based on thousands of data but only on a specific effect that could be pure chance. Let’s analyze CU Lists what has happened in this case. We have launched conversion campaigns that have generated many clicks and interactions on Facebook. Many people have found out about the existence of this.

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