7 problems that only a domain owner can understand

People who have already purchased a domain name for their business or company, or who have bought and saved a domain because they might need it someday, probably face this problem.

Once you know, a year passes

That moment when you happily bought USA Student Phone Number List your domain name and it seems like yesterday when you get an automated email saying you have 1 month left on your domain name.

I already bought the .mn domain, now I want to buy a .com domain, what should I do?

Dash through the name

Special Database

If you write without hyphens, people CU Lists won’t understand. And if you write with hyphens, it will be long? (www.arzaisantolgoi.mn vs www.ar-zaisan-tolgoi.mn)

“Owner” will not get the domain

If you plan to sell your domain to one company and buy it first. Then you may not be interested in the other place.

“Unsuccessful” domain names

I bought it thinking it was a domain name to kill, but after a month I saw it, it was a domain name that I would not go with.

7. Losing your domain


I spent a lot of money trying to get a nice domain name. And I was checking it every day to see if it was available.

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