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He sees the culture creat by man and the jewels that his spirit has given life to, and extols the miracle-working control he has achiev over the environment.. He is mov by the outstanding personalities who have left teachings to the species embodi in a religion, in a peaceful liberation movement, in the selfless and generous help given to ney humanity by saints and saints. Perhaps his spirit is exalt to tears when he notices that automatism of annual goodness that arises on the dates that the calendar commands to be celebrat. And it’s okay, so be it. Everyone rescues from life the tones and colors, the ideas and facts that they believe are impos or have more value, or that show what may be their true or ultimate meaning (or nonsense) .

Positions Apparently So but the

Due to temperament, due to poorly or well assimilat experiences, due to influences (good or bad), or simply because, and in rather general terms, it is possible to distinguish two attitudes towards existence: remaining (and striving to be) well inform about of the terrible sign under which humanity business database had to live, or placing everything in the background, proposing to focus the cannon of light only on the sector of the stage in which the fleeting beauty, the temporary joys and the calm before the end take place. The tempest. And it is not that the goods of life – those that are exalt at the discretion of that unilateral optimist – are deni or lower, oozing bile, by the pessimist that

Efforts of Leaders to Assemble

Benetti speaks of, but that the awareness of the fugitive validity of those in contrast to the overwhelming persistence of the horrendous background that serves as their setting leads him to question the legitimacy of the vulgar optimism that has coin that cliché that with fervor perhaps worthy of better causes proclaims that “life is beautiful.” the pessimist referr to by benetti is the one who looks into the abyss. Next CU Lists to those flashes of order, beauty and harmony, to which the militant optimist pays preferential attention, that other, after a careful consideration of history and the events that challenge him in the present, perceives the basements of the human baseness. He feels them close, unworthily close.

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