The work of technical people

The work of technical people. Contact answer and do it as clearly as possible. In detail , but not long. Every question and comment should receive its own answer. During the promotion period, you can still launch a drawing or promotion for an invitation to your event. A discount promotion must have a deadline ; it can be divid into stages every next week the price rises. The drawing can be carri out according to simple rules repost , join the group and we will randomly determine the winner. Such competitions are prohibit by the rules of VKontakte , but so far there are no sanctions for them and you can use it.

A response to growing demands

The giveaway must end one week prior to the event. This way you photo editing servies will generate interest in the event and leave time for those. Who did not win in the drawing to buy tickets . Giveaways attract additional audiences at the expense of the participants themselves. Step . Information explosion on the day of the event The day has come. The news came out with the number and the message Already today. On this day, we should no longer have invitations in our action schule , but we should plan to publish posts in large groups. On this day add the word TODAY.

Project coordination taken to new heights

To the end of the meeting name publish. The event plan ask CU Lists opinion leaders to repost buy. News in thematic groups offer to publish news about the event for free. In thematic communities or poster communities. repost it to your page and to the organizing community repost on participants pages The event has begun. conduct a photo broadcast from the gathering of guests , from the start of the event. People can still join during the process if it s a webinar , or they can come later if it s a party. Monitor reviews and mentions.

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