The Truth About Price Disparities

Start writing down ideas that The Truth seem interesting to you; In one afternoon you will have a list of possible Amazon niches divided by categories. But as you can imagine, the next step is not to choose the first one you find and start setting up the website. I recommend following the following criteria to start filtering which products could serve a profitable Amazon niche. Look for categories that have at least a 5% commission . Look closely at the reviews and comments : a product that has no reviews or comments, or very few, is a product that is not selling and, therefore, you are not interested in.

I recommend following The Truth the following criteria to start filtering

The price of the product must be category email list between €20 and €300 so that the profit margin is more or less wide and you are more susceptible to purchasing. A product for €300, €400 or €500 or more is more difficult to sell, although not impossible. You must have at least 1,000 searches per month If you see in the SERPs that there are at least a couple of niches or buying guides with that product, it means that Google is making room for that type of website. On the contrary, if there are too many it will be difficult to position.

Just like I told you when we talked about Adsense

It has to have as little seasonality CU Lists as possible and not be a one-off fashion product. Think that, if this is the case, your profits will also be punctual. There should be a good variety of products available so that there are different purchasing options. Just like I told you when we talked about Adsense niches, these are not absolute values . Everything is relative and you will have to observe each case in particular, in addition to applying these criteria. In fact, you may find good niches but they don’t meet each and every one of the above points. When you have a set of possible niches, it is time to do keyword research with your favorite tool to check the volume of searches , seasonality, etc.

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