Taking an Evidence-based Approach to Data Storage

How much do you know about your organization’s current data storage solutions? The ultimate goal is that data is kept safe, secure, organized and accessible.

In our last blog post, we explored our recent research study findings, including. Therefore, how respondents collect data, what they collect, and why it’s so essential for everyone to house their own first-party data. In today’s post, we’ll dive into the study’s data storage results.

A 2021 survey by validity asked organizations to reflect on their customer

Retention management (crm) perceptions, a standard data management solution. 44 percent say they lose 10 percent of their annual revenue due to low-quality crm data.

Additionally, 64 percent would consider. Therefore, leaving their jobs if their. Organizations failed to allot additional resources to a crm data quality plan.

In partnership with forrester, salesforce buying phone numbers found that 51 percent of professionals. Who work with data evaluated crm quality on trust and security. We found. That most respondents give their organizations very good ratings. Regarding privacy protections, systems used to store. And access data, data accuracy, and data quality.

The more robust a data security system is that customers trust, the more data can be collected. On the other hand, research suggests that poor data storage can become a challenge for organizations, for example.

It can impact employee retention

Data “silos,” or storing data in multiple locations, can reduce the insights you’ll get.
Data storage without safety and security comes with risks, including waning positive customer perceptions about your organization and a liability for the company.
Without organized, well-managed data, identifying, learning about and connecting with your customers can be harder than it needs to be.

The key takeaway here: A data storage CU Lists solution that does no. Therefore, t meet your organization’s needs can impact your employees, customers and bottom line.

Therefore, Without data storage can a company even exist in today’s business world? Whether you’re running a multi-million dollar company or a brand new startup, you need somewhere to house your customers’ information.

Therefore, Data storage means the data is accessible—those who need to access the data can. It moves away from individual salespeople keeping their own private notes on leads. If that employee leaves, all that data goes with them unless it’s been stored properly. An efficient data storage solution links departments and removes data silos.

Data storage should also mean that the data is secure and customers’ privacy is being protected. People who shouldn’t have access to the data don’t. Customers should be reassured that you are protecting their data and that it won’t be used for anything they haven’t agreed to.

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