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This is why There is no denying that the fashion or beauty and cosmetics industries are the most engaging sectors on. Instagram and, not surprisingly, they have both put influencer marketing at the center of their marketing activities. The potential of micro-influencers. You have probably already heard of so-call micro-influencers influencers who have fewer than , followers. According to some statistics, approximately of all influencers mention by beauty and cosmetics. Brands were micro-influencers, while for fashion brands they represent approximately. This shows not only that brands rely heavily on influencers within their content marketing strategy. But also that they understand that influencers have their own niche industry and specific audience.

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In fact, influencers who have fewer than , followers represent the majority of profiles mention. By the fashion and beauty & cosmetics industries. This strategy is really working well to engage the audience more, also because mentions from other users generally tend to create higher engagement. Users are increasingly looking for more original forms of content and influencer recommendations are becoming the new currency of transparency to build customer trust. According to Forrester research , influencers seo expater bangladesh ltd and User Generat. Content help customers discover and provide valuable information during their purchasing decisions over of customers visit a brand’s website to research products or services, while almost use a search engine, leveraging blogs,.

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UGC and reviews to explore various product offerings. Marketers have built their social mia presence and develop their communities, and half the battle is keeping audiences engag. The key point is to reach the right audience , in terms of demographics and niche. And this is mainly why micro-influencer marketing is gaining so much attention. Your brand’s CU Lists collaboration with influencers can help sustain the momentum of publishing new, authentic content. By seeking recommendations from influencers and often micro-influencers, brands are able to reach new audiences. The beauty and cosmetics industry is growing at a truly rapid pace, sponsorships rather than traditional aggressive and intrusive advertising.

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