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Now there are very few there. And one of them, perhaps the most emblematic, pro ponce, mov his “rocinante” to the rufino torrico jirón, to a location that had previously been occupi by a bookstore of the fondo de cultura económica. There he still shares the space with a legal bookstore, a business that sells compact discs, and another that offers stationery supplies. Simple Terms We It is sad to have lost that “boulevard of culture”, but it is also true that it is still possible to find some booksellers, in quilca itself and in camaná, who, in some way, keep alive this tradition that protects the culture of the book, and exercises and strengthens the close bond that is usually establish between reader and bookseller.

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The premises were rent to them by the archbishopric of lima, and from then until 2016, they remain satisfying the bibliophile taste(in some cases, also bibliomaniac) of its visitors. That year they were evict: the archbishopric thought it more b2b email list opportune (and, surely, more profitable) to change the tenant and now that place has become perhaps a thriving garage. How about archbishopric: culture doesn’t give a damn; that is very clear. The booksellers look for other places. Some rent some premises in the vicinity (“selecta librería”, by the writer and itor gabriel ruiz ortega, went to camaná;

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Let’s say that these spaces prolong the existence of an alternative cultural focus: next to the bars where bohemians enjoy themselves, such as don lucho, with its old jukebox, and the centenary queirolo, where martín adán, gonzalo rose, oswaldo reynoso and so many other notable figures of peruvian literature enjoy thirsty gatherings. Simple Terms We there are those endearing environments, small or CU Lists larger, some old and dusty, and others perhaps a little better arrang, but all offering us the opportunity not only to buy books but to feel the texture of the time spent on the spine and pages of the works of unexpect authors, to be discover, through conversation with a reading brother or with the bookseller himself,

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