Influencer Marketing ROI & Social Media Trends for 2023

Influencer Marketing Globally, businesses are aware of the importance of digital marketing. This is evident in a new Harvard Business School Executive Education program called ‘Marketing in the Digital Age. Which is offered in a virtual format. In the business skills you need world. It is known that the number of customers accessible online is greater than ever. That to stay in touch with them it is necessary to have employees with digital marketing skills.

Influencer Marketing In-demand Digital Marketing

It was not until the COVID-19 pandemic that the value of digital marketing was truly understood. As this circumstance led the world to live everything top people data in the digital environment. Who can forget the explosion of video conferencing via the Zoom platform. Which saw users increase from 10 million to 300 million in less than a year? Older adults began to use digital technology to talk to their grandchildren.

The Change Towards Virtuality Accelerated

Therefore, The fastest growing professional activities. The report also highlights the demand for specific skills that correlates these roles with greater growth in CU Lists employment. Therefore, These skills stand out as the most requested in the previous semester. Since of the five skills in greatest demand in the last six months. The three activities with the greatest growth.

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