Recomendaciones a la hora de hacer un sorteo

Como en cualquier sorteo, conviene tener en cuenta una Recomendaciones a serie de recomendaciones para que sea un éxito. En el artículo «Cómo conseguir que tu sorteo en redes sociales sea un éxito«, te las explico. En el caso de los sorteos en las historias de Instagram conviene tener en cuenta los siguientes aspectos: Creatividad. Diseña una story atractiva y llamativa, donde quede claro que se trata de un draw and what is the prize. Legal bases. Don’t forget to write the legal bases, publish them on your website and include a link to them in the story. Draw period. I advise you to take a maximum of 7 days. It is not necessary to make it longer. The award. The giveaways that work best are those that give away something simple. Of course, forget about giving away something that involves an expense for the user, or discounts.

Examples of giveaway recommendations in stories

Below, I give you some ideas to hold giveaways in Instagram top industry data Tourism stories. You can raffle a night in a hotel, an experience, a gift voucher among those users who publish a story about it. Tourist destination where your company is located. Food, another mechanic that works very well is to hold a raffle among all users who publish a story consuming or using your product and tag the brand profile. Education If you are a school or training center, a mechanism that always works is the raffle for something related to training, for example, a book from one of the teachers or a scholarship, among those who respond to the publication.

Fashion and accessories

Fashion and accessory brands or stores have a CU Lists great opportunity. With this new functionality. They can publish a video showing a dress as a story and raffle it off. All followers who respond to the story with the hashtag Lo Quiero. In addition, Easpromos allows you to activate the automatic response option, thus confirming your participation. If you choose the option that, to qualify for the prize, users must publish a story mentioning your account, do not forget to indicate participation. It is only valid for public profiles. It is the only way that Easypromos can detect the story. Featured stories. Post different creatives to encourage your followers to participate in the giveaway. And don’t forget to highlight the stories in the profile. I trust that you will get a lot of use out of your stories and this new functionality.

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