Increase conversions with a personalized e-commerce

While e-commerce platforms are the foundation for listing and selling products online, there are many key tactics that e-commerce marketers need to increase engagement and conversions. Building these tools from scratch can be difficult and unnecessary, especially when a conversion platform is integrated, which Justuno is capable of.

Justuno conversion platform
Justuno is a leading conversion rate optimization platform that enables e-commerce marketers to increase engagement and effectively increase conversions. With a suite of smart popups, targeted messages and gamification features, Justuno enables businesses to capture leads, personalize customer experiences and optimize marketing strategies for better results.

The following key tools form the foundation

Banner Ads: Justuno allows you to Belize Email List strategically display banner ads to attract and attract visitors.
Targeted messages: Justuno allows you to deliver targeted messages to specific segments based on visitor behavior and preferences.
In-Page Ads: Justuno allows businesses to create and execute in-page ads to attract and convert visitors.
Game-changing: Justuno offers interactive and gamified experiences to make the customer journey more enjoyable and increase engagement.
By using these tools effectively, businesses can improve engagement, capture leads, reduce cart abandonment, and increase overall conversions on their websites.

Features of Justuno’s platform

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The advantages of using an integrated solution are:

Conversion-focused tools: Justuno offers a CU Lists comprehensive set of conversion-focused tools, including popups, targeted messaging, page ads, and gamification. These tools attract leads and visitors and drive them to purchase, thereby increasing conversions.
Ease of Implementation: Implementing a variety of conversion optimization features in-house can be complex and time-consuming. Justuno’s ready-to-use platform allows e-commerce marketers to quickly configure and implement these tactics without requiring extensive technical knowledge.

E-commerce integration: Justuno is fully compatible with popular e-commerce platforms Shopify & Shopify Plus , BigCommerce , Magento , WooCommerce (WordPress), Desire , Shift4Shop , Squarespace , Wix , PrestaShop , OpenCart , Weebly , Ekwen , and more.

Expert Gamification Features: Developing gamification features in-house can be challenging. With Justuno’s gamification expertise, eCommerce marketers can use interactive experiences.

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