consider when starting an online shopping website

Online shopping has become a common trend among small and medium businesses in the last few years. Now, if you don’t have an online store or a website with at least a one-page description of your company, it’s like losing market share.

Merchants ask questions such as “How to create an online store?”, “Should I hire a professional team to do it?” Is it better to do it on our own?” questions are often asked.

The experts of GREEN SOFT LLC briefly introduce

1. One way to use the best platform Chinese Singapore Phone Number List and CMS (Content Management System) for your online store.
2. Build it yourself using open source tools
If you choose the first method, you will need at least basic knowledge of programming and English. The advantage is that you can customize and improve your site as you see fit. The problem is that if you want to get help, you will need to communicate in English by e-mail. In general, it can be said that no one can help you but yourself. Also, the fee is in $, so it will probably be more in the end. Check out the available platforms below.
The second method is commonly used by entrepreneurs who do not have programming knowledge. From the first day of creation of an online store, all the basic functions, such as customer basket, payment methods, product catalog, etc., necessary for generating income, are ready from the beginning. But you need high application knowledge and a lot of time. may be a job.

If you choose the second method, choose the right web hosting for your e-commerce site

Special Database

When you decide to create an online store, you have to decide where to place your store. Choosing the right hosting has an impact on your CU Lists site’s loading speed and, in turn, on your product sales. For example, when the page loading speed of an online store is delayed by one second, the conversion (conversion) or the change due to the conscious actions of the user entering the site, registering, paying, etc., decreases by 7 percent.

According to the research, if the page loading speed of the online store is more than three seconds, the probability of the user to stop visiting again increases by 40 percent. In order to choose a reliable web hosting service. It is necessary to consider the provider’s customer support and site speed.

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