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 Positions for a specific page. You cant use it for this analysis. Well use GA4 later to set benchmarks and check results but currently you cannot do the analysis describ above from within Google Analytics. 2. Confirm your rankings Start by searching for the phrase in Google to confirm your rankings. Youll immiately notice that the average position really isnt the same as rankings. Sometimes youll see rankings higher than the report suggests. Other times you wont see your site at all. There are a lot of reasons for the

Discrepancies Your

Differently today than the average across the date range in the report Your site may have more than one page that ranks for the phrase Your site may rank in a SERP feature (the local 3-pack image b2b email list search results etc.) Your rankings may be push down by SERP features Your search results may be personaliz for you bas on your location browsing history etc. You can avoid that last issue by doing a few things before you search logging out of Google using a private or incognito window using a browser you dont usually use or using a

Proxy service

Really there is no such thing as an entirely neutral search. All searches are affect by implicit search signals. So dont worry too much about trying to be anonymous. Youre not really looking for super accurate CU Lists data. Youre looking for clues. Find a page that ranks for a phrase but not too high Great. Lets keep going! ProTip Take a screenshot of the search results page Sometimes you can improve the rankings without impacting traffic at all. Some search results pages have super low clickthrough rates because they are fill with SERP

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