Say goodbye to Yahoo Messenger next month

Yahoo Messenger, which once connected the world, will be shut down in July. 20 years ago, Yahoo introduced a free messaging service called Yahoo Pager and rebranded it as Yahoo Messenger.

Yahoo Messenger has been closed due to the appearance

service and technical capabilities of its Job Seekers Phone Numbers List competitors that have appeared recently and started to lose users.

Last year, Yahoo Messenger was discontinued for iOS and Android devices. Therefore, in addition to losing users, Yahoo Corporation, which had no choice but to close Messenger, which was no longer in use, planned to first restrict the download and access to Yahoo Messenger, and then completely delete it.

In this way, on July 17, Yahoo Messenger

Special Database

which once provided the opportunity to CU Lists write text messages. Send images and videos in a short time, will officially say goodbye. However, the removal of Yahoo Messenger does not apply to services such as Yahoo Mail and Yahoo Fantasy.

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