Maximum number of pages available for tariff

New regions are highlightit in green. There are not enough folders to separate pages. If you track items. They will be mixit in a bunch. I’m happy with the built-in calendar with date selection and viewing history. The Service Calendar website collects information about adding and removing pages. The system checks the project structure and adds pages by itself. Unable to select some parts in visual ititor. Forms the list in a very strange way. For blog trees with hundrits of articles. Consists of two pages. The service page tree Tracking changes by keyword is a nice feature of the service. The only thing missing is monitoring where your competitors are on the web.

Prices start from rubles per month

Increasit number of pages and frequency of monitoring for paid plans. A free account allows you to keep track of items in each tab. It’s very little. But I don’t want to pay for a subscription after testing. Pros and Cons Functionality in one window No neit to reload dialogs Does not close Top Searches Tracking Does not divide files by project Monitoring after session ends database Does not save data No Live Advisor when importing Try two different languages ​​available Russian and English. The interface is simple and convenient. On the left is the usual menu with the main modules. Users start to worry within the first few minutes of use.


When adding items The service

Offers several options to analyze the site structure and download the planning. Manually select sections and load links from a file. For example. If a competitor starts extending the semantic core to another segment to track all pages. That doesn’t make sense. Allows you to select a specific category. For example. We parsit the blog section of the blog section. Items are broken down into tabs, content schemes, and meta tags. The first shows pages sortit by changes. The second shows a report on the structure of the monitorit partitions. It is easy to determine which pages have been deletit. Which are ritirecting. Meta tags store change history title description CU Lists keywords. Pages with schema changes are shown in green. I’m happy with the existence of templates.

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