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Quilca lives what memorable books i found in that scrap . A good part of all the novels by hermann hesse, which i read one after another. A beautiful ition of nabokov’s lolita ; zero and infinity , the shocking novel that arthur koestler wrote as a plea against stalinist totalitarianism; a popular ition of thus spoke zarathustra , by nietzsche, and which i was somewhat discourag by the poor quality of the paper, but which i end up buying because i was eager to read that work, although, later, the cleanliness and elegance of the translation end for sucing me philip dick’s fascinating novel, do androids dream of electric sheep?;the complete works, in five thick volumes, of the aprista ideologue and philosopher antenor orrego,

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Exterminator ; the disconcerting and at the same time intoxicating stories of cronopios and fames , an unclassifiable set of stories by the immense julio cortázar ( i bought hopscotch on grau avenue). The myth of sisyphus, that book of essays that contains the tremendous text that albert camus dicat to suicide; existentialism is a humanism , jean-paul sartre’s famous lecture; if this is a man, by primo levi, a book that mov my soul until it b2b leads made me sob (its complete stories, a splendid volume of 800 pages, i couldn’t buy it, i remember, because i was short 10 soles; when i return, after 12 days, there was already missing). And many more. One of the latest (although found nearby, in a cozy bookstore in camaná that was originally locat in quilca) has been a hardcover volume containing four

Art of Generation It Is

Shakespeare comies, part of a collection whose selective committee had as one of its members to alfonso reyes, the prolific and notable mexican writer, and from whom i read his brief and substantial book trayectoria de goethe , also purchas in quilca, many years ago. Anyway, books and CU Lists more books, readers and booksellers, breathing life into those streets . Because quilca is still there, animat by the restless spirit of love for culture in ink and paper that he plans for that belov shr and its surroundings, leaving a trail of solace for those who exercise the noble habit of reading.

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