Impact of video at the page level

Practices which well summarize here. The target keyphrase is us once in the page title This is the <title> tag which is in the code but not on the page itself. It does appear in the browser tab and its often the clickable link when a page ranks in search results. If your site is in WordPress the page title may be manag within a plugin such as Yoast. Ideally the target phrase appears at the beginning of the title and words of the phrase are kept together with no words breaking it up. The target keyphrase (or a close variant) is us once in the

Header This

Is the <h1> tag which is the headline at the top of the page. The target keyphrase or a close variant should appear in the header. The target keyphrase is us at least once in business database the body text There is no magic number for keyword frequency but remember Google is originally a research tool built by library scientists. Google loves deep content. If your page is 1500 words its likely that several instances of the phrase feels natural. First it the page to include the target keyphrase in these basic highly visible places. Next add depth and detail to

The page incorporate

The semantically relat phrases. Cover those subtopics and answer relat questions. Add detail and look for opportunities to include the phrases as you write. DONT just squeeze in the phrases CU Lists here and there. DONT cram in a sentence pack with these phrases at the end of the post …tastes like copypasta. DONT try to include every variant of every phrase even if they appear separately during your research. The idea is

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